Grassland 2.0

Our vision of agricultural sustainability is a system that provides for our current wants and needs while building the capacity of future generations to do the same.

Grassland 2.0 is a collaborative group of farmers, researchers, and public and private sector leaders working to develop pathways for increased farmer profitability, yield stability and nutrient and water efficiency, while improving water quality, soil health, biodiversity, and climate resilience through grassland-based agriculture.

Multiple trends over the last 75 years have led to volatile prices and profits, an increased dependence on exports, environmental degradation, and rural community decline. Continued low commodity prices and disturbances in overseas markets have exacerbated these factors leading to increased stress on farming families.

We are striving to create a sustainable agricultural system where farmers benefit from reduced price swings and lower input costs; where US consumers have access to a more consistent, diverse, and well-labeled local supply of grass-fed dairy and beef products; and where an array of ecosystem service improvements associated with perennial grasslands will contribute to healthy waterways, more stable climate, and diverse landscapes.

This is our vision of a sustainable agricultural system.  What is yours? How do we get there?

Whether you are a farmer, processor, supplier, consumer, or citizen – we want to hear from you! Share your vision for agricultural sustainability and ideas for how to get there. We will compile the ideas and feedback we gather to help build and improve the Grassland 2.0 project.