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Grassland 2.0 is a collaborative group of producers, researchers, and public and private sector folks working to develop pathways for producers to achieve increased profitability, production stability, and nutrient and water efficiency, while improving water quality, soil health, biodiversity, and climate resiliency through grassland-based agriculture.

We are taking an integrated approach to developing technical and financial tools, expanding grass-fed markets, cultivating positive institutional policy changes, and empowering producers and consumers.

Over the course of the next four years we will be hosting listening sessions, conducting surveys, and convening local conversations to learn from communities across the state and beyond to develop paths that move us toward grassland-based agricultural systems that create a healthy environment, healthy communities, and healthy people. Throughout the process, we want to engage with you.

Our shared principles

Together, we strive to act with intention, build trusting partnerships, and support communities in creating an agricultural transformation. So, what does that mean exactly?

We believe we all deserve agency and health.

We are working to articulate our values and how they shape what we want from agriculture, by incorporating identity, place, culture, and perspectives that reflect the diversity of our communities. 

We believe in listening to those who agree and those who disagree with us.

We are working to build trusting partnerships by inviting and weaving stakeholder knowledge, experience, and skills into dialogue, co-learning, deliberations, and decision-making. 

We believe in sustainable agriculture that works for all of us.

We are working to support communities as they envision, plan, and create roadmaps toward flexible and resilient landscapes that promote healthy ecosystems, communities, and people.

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