European and Canadian Perspectives on the Global Dairy Economy

A Seminar Sponsored by Grassland 2.0

As part of a tour of Wisconsin dairy, André Pflimlin, French Academy of Agriculture, Jean Yves Penn, organic dairy farmer in Brittany-France, and Guy Debailleul, agro-economist, Laval University / Quebec CAN, will stop by campus to offer their insights into dairy economics. The seminar will take place Thursday, September 15th from 11am to 12:30pm in Room 119, Babcock Hall. All are welcome!

Guy Debailleul
André Pflimlin

Guy Debailleul will be presenting virtually from Canada. He will explore the complexities of supply management in Canadian dairy production. His research interests include agricultural and agri-food systems in developed and developing countries, as well as food security.

Pfilmlin joins us to discuss trends on dairy farming in Europe since the end of supply management. With 30 years of experience in dairy systems research and development, Pfilmlin specializes in dairy herd nutrition and forage production, with a focus on environmental protection.

While the majority of dairy farmers [in France] have chosen fodder corn as their main feed, encouraged by European subsidies since 1994, we have taken into account the food costs of dairy cows by the most economically efficient approach: grazed grass.

Jean Yves Penn

Yves Penn is a retired dairy farmer with a passion for addressing agriculture’s impact on climate and biodiversity. He brings 30 years of experience to his observations on low-cost milk production with a model he calls: Spring Grouped Calving.

Join us to learn more in Room 119, Babcock Hall Thursday!