“In Her Boots” podcast provides a voice for women in organic and sustainable agriculture

Story by Jacob Grace

The latest episode of the GrassCast podcast follows a different format than some of our previous episodes: we’re sharing a promotional trailer for a new podcast being released by our collaborators at the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service or MOSES.

MOSES helped launch the Rural Women’s Project in 2009, which is now known as “In Her Boots”. The “In Her Boots” podcast took off in 2017, hosted by Lisa Kivirist, and now has over a hundred and fifty episodes.

The podcast received a “reboot” this year, with Tiffany LaShae stepping in as the new host. LaShae is a farmer, researcher, educator, and activist with a diverse background in food justice, regenerative agriculture, afroecology, agroecology, permaculture, and more. She hopes to use the podcast to share and highlight the stories of Black and Brown women who traditionally have not had a platform to use their voice. Playing off the podcast’s title, LaShae points to the fact that many women working in agriculture do not even have access to the work boots many farmers take for granted by titling her season “Boot(less) – the Re-Release”.

The latest episode of GrassCast provides a sneak peek of the first three episodes of the new season of the “In Her Boots” podcast, sharing a promotional trailer developed by LaShae.

“We’ll learn about the life and work of powerful women,” says LaShae in her introduction. “We’ll hear about elders, children, reconnecting to nature, there’ll be lots of mini-rants about things like land access, and barriers that non-white women face in agriculture.”

Following an interview format, the first two full episodes of “In Her Boots” feature LaShae’s conversation with Dani Pieratos, a mother, water protector, and advocate for Indigenous communal sufficiency, food sovereignty, and sustainable agriculture working with organizations such as Harvest Nation, The Land Access Alliance, Bois Forte Food Sovereignty, and the Sustainable Agriculture Community Advocacy Group.

Thank you to MOSES for sharing this podcast with us. We hope you’ll check out the most recent episodes! The perspectives and experiences shared in this podcast are much needed in conversations about the vision for Grassland 2.0, and we look forward to following the progress of the podcast as it grows.

You can subscribe to the In Her Boots podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, or learn more at https://mosesorganic.org/in-her-boots-podcast/