Kevin Oppermann shares his most common questions from customers in new GrassCast podcast episode

Kevin Oppermann is a beef farmer at Highland Spring Farm south of Madison, Wisconsin where he raises Scottish Highland cattle. For Kevin, farming skipped a generation. He grew up in the suburbs outside of Milwaukee but he always had a desire to farm.

In a new episode up on the GrassCast Podcast, Kevin describes how he started farming after growing up in the suburbs, how selling at farmers markets has made him a better cook, and how managed grazing made his farming dreams possible.

One thing we discovered when talking to Kevin – he gets a lot of questions about managed grazing, grass-fed products, and Scottish Highlands. Take a listen below to hear Kevin’s grazing story and his most common questions from customers –

A couple years ago, Highland Springs took on a new employee – Anna. According to Kevin it was a risk, but it’s worked out really well. He used to concentrate on the management full-time, but Anna is now able to manage the cattle day-to-day which has freed up Kevin’s time. And he has found a knack for direct marketing his beef.

Kevin sells to local farmers markets, restaurants, and at their local farm store.

Check out this video to hear Kevin’s grazing story and how taking on a new employee has changed the game.

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